15 Best Wedding Hairstyles for Bride / Guests

Best Wedding Hairstyles for Bride / Guests : According to studies, June and September are the peak wedding months and this period is known as the “Wedding Season”. But with 7 billion people on the face of this Earth, there are over a 100 weddings everyday and hence we can conclude that every season is in fact Wedding Season. Weddings and the ceremonies they involve are a celebration of lifetime relationships and joy, but in today’s fashion fast world, they involve mostly high expenses and a whole lot of stress. To reduce this stress by an ounce, we’ve brought to you, 15 different hairstyles for all different lengths and kinds of hair! Whether you’re a bride or a guest this wedding season, these hairstyles are extremely gorgeous and surprisingly easy to do at home as well.

15 Best Wedding Hairstyles for Bride / Guests (Short, Long, Medium Hair)

Best Wedding Hairstyles for Bride / Guests For Long Hair

1. Wavy Flower Twirl

This hairstyle is perfect for an outdoor wedding at a beach or even in a garden. It involves 3 easy steps – (i) Forming large beachy waves in your hair with either a curler or simply letting your wet hair dry that way by plaiting it. (ii) Making a large twist with a chunk of hair from either side of your face, bringing it around the back of your head and fastening it with a bunch of hair-coloured bobby pins. (iii) With the remaining hair, make a very loose braid and pull out plenty of curls to give it a messy look. To enhance the hairstyle further, you could add false/real flowers or hair accessories into the braid and you’re good to go!

Wedding Hairstyles For Long hair

Wedding Hairstyles For Long hair

2. 3-Way Princess Hairdo

This is one of the most common prom hairstyles, and the best thing about it is that it can have so many different forms. The first one simply involves braiding a small section of your hair on either side of your head and bringing it across to the other side. The second, is forming a regular rose bun with the two sections, instead of braiding it. And the third one is simply looping your hair into a loose knot and laying it across your shoulder with the remaining hair in the front. These hairstyles are most commonly seen on Disney princesses and work great on both straight and curly hair!

3. Waterfall

The Waterfall is one of the most popular hairstyles on Pinterest and it is a little more complicated than the others. This hairstyle works best on straight, thin hair. This hairstyle is essentially a kind of snake braid across the back of your head. Various kinds of waterfalls can be made depending upon the complexity of the hairstyle you desire. To learn this technique you can watch the video on the YouTube page – Become Gorgeous or Cute Girl Hairstyles.

Wedding Hairstyles For Long hair

4. Braided Up-do

This hairstyle works best if you have a wedding outfit that has a showy back line. It keeps your hair in place and looks great even behind a netted veil. With long hair, you could try a variety of different buns and up-dos and decorate them with small flowers or beads. For more ideas on a variation of this hairstyle, visit Weddingomania or AllThingsHair.

Best Wedding Hairstyles For Long hair

Best Wedding Hairstyles For Long hair

5. A Classy Ponytail

If you’re a procrastinator and you’ve waited till the last minute, this hairstyle is perfect for you as it only takes a couple of minutes. Be it straight, wavy or curly, you can easily put your hair into a high ponytail. Tease the hair around the crown of your head and put it in a soft puff. Take a lock of hair that you’ve kept aside from the ponytail, and wrap it around your hair-tie to cover it up and add a classy look to your very basic ponytail!

Best Wedding Hairstyles For Long hair

Best Wedding Hairstyles For Long hair

Best Wedding Hairstyles For Medium Hair For Bridals / Guests

1. Messy Bun

Although the word “messy” makes it sound like a stay-at-home hairstyle, this bun looks perfect with saris, gowns or even a flowery dress. You could put your hair up into a bun of any kind and then tuck your hair into your hair tie. From the front, pull out a few strands of hair (or your bangs) and curl them to make it look more fancy. You could have your bun high, low or to the side of your head and finish it off with a flower or a glittery hair pin.

Best Wedding Hairstyles For Medium hair

Best Wedding Hairstyles For Medium hair

2. A Flower Crown/Wreath

Best Wedding Hairstyles For Medium hair

Best Wedding Hairstyles For Medium hair

For a outdoor, noon or early evening wedding, you could simply add a flower crown or a wreath to your shoulder length hair and look beautiful without trying! Flowers go best with gowns or dresses and could also be a theme for bridesmaids as well. Different colours and combinations of flowers and leaves can be used depending on your dress.

3. Hair Bow

When someone says hair bow, you would expect a bow clip or accessory. But this hairstyle is a bow made out of your hair! Just as the princess hair-do, this one begins with two sections of haor from either side of your head. Swirl the hair into a bow as you would tie a shoelace and secure it in with some bobby pins. A tip for these pins, is to apply hairspray onto them to make them stay in place longer.

Best Wedding Hairstyles For Medium hair

4. Side Tucked Braid

Looking at the picture, it is quite easy to interpret how this hairstyle is done. It is basically a side braid that is tucked under the remaining hair and secured with a pin which is covered as well. This is one hairstyle that could work on all lengths and types of hair and looks great no matter what kind of wedding it is!

5. Keep it Simple

If you feel that your hair is unable to stay secured in any of the above hairstyles, leaving your hair free is the best idea. To make your hair look fresher and less greasy, instead of resorting to dry shampoo, use a little baby powder on your scalp which helps absorb the oils immediately making your hair appear much lighter and fuller. To add a little more to it, you could lightly curl the front region of hair to give it a natural fall and just keep it simple!

Short Hair –

Despite the fact that short hair is quite hard to style in different ways because there isn’t much volume and it is impossible to tie it or have an up-do hairstyle, short hair can be decked up with a number of hair accessories to make it look unique and wedding ready!

1. Hair Pins

Hair pins are available in every shape, size, colour or pattern you please. Depending on the type of wedding a variety of pins can be utilized. Hair pins studded with false or real stones can be added to hold a veil or dupatta in place, or just to add some sparkle to your hair to match the outfit you adorn.

2. Netted Head Veil

This hairstyle involves a head accessory, being a netted veil. You can easily DIY this accessory by taking some net and adding a rose to the side to secure it onto your hair. You can view many different variations of this hairdo on Pinterest as well as AllThingsHair.

3. Jewel Crown

Like the flower crown, this accessory adds a bit of bling to your short hair. It isn’t your quintessential crown as it doesn’t rest on the top of your head but it is fastened round the back to keep your hair in place and make it look spectacular! You can purchase a jewel crown from any jewelry store, or make it yourself using an old necklace or chain and some false stones.

4. Hairband

A hairband is the simplest way to spice up short hair. You can use any kind of headband, plastic or cloth and add a net, some flowers, beads and make it look perfect for your outfit. Who said short hair was hard to style!

5. Hair Brooches

Hair brooches are like barrettes. They are little pins that hold small strands of your hair in place and add an embellishment to your hair. This hairstyle might involve a little hair gel. Pulling your hair backwards and adding a hair brooch is the new Oscar and Grammy hairstyle of a number of celebrities walking the red carpet. Hair gel helps hold the style in place and is one of the easiest ways to pull off having short hair!

Now you know that it is easy to look great no matter what the length of hair may be! The typical wedding hairstyles of a fancy braid or bun will always be the classics, but these 15 hairdos are different ways to look great at weddings, be it your own or your friends. Although the images mostly display the hairstyles on wedding gowns and dresses, these hairstyles work just as perfectly on a Sari or Ghargra. There are methods of curling hair with straighteners and even without heat! Whatever be your desired look, it is easily achievable. All you need is patience and a hair brush!