Valentine’s week Gift Ideas for Her :  The next big thing which has excited couples all over the globe is the Valentine’s Day or the day of love. This day is celebrated by gifting our loved ones with best gifts possible paired with lots of love.  These days it’s not only the Valentine’s Day that’s celebrated but the entire week is celebrated namely valentine’s week. This week starts from 7th February and stretches till 14th February each year. There is a lot of craze about this week among youngsters.  From teenagers to office-goers, from college students to married couples, no one has been able to escape himself or herself from this week. Talking about this special week of February, here are some important dates that every guy should remember are:

  • February 7, 2017- Rose Day
  • February 8, 2017- Propose day
  • February 9, 2017- Chocolate Day
  • February 10, 2017- Teddy day
  • February 11, 2017- Promise Day
  • February 12, 2017- Hug Day
  • February 13, 2017- Kiss Day
  • February 14, 2017- Valentine’s Day

Most guys start saving for this week from the previous year itself.  Here is a list of 10 Best and unique Valentine’s week Gift Ideas for Her which can help you express your fondness and adoration towards her. Gift your love something which is as beautiful as she is.

10 Best Valentine’s Week Gift Ideas for Her


Best Valentine's Week Gift Ideas for Her

Rose Day Gift Ideas For Her (Best Valentine’s Week Gift Ideas for Her)

Red is the color of love and roses show the tenderness that a woman possesses. Roses tend to make her feel happy and wanted by you. This is a bouquet of 40 roses in a fish bowl which will definitely steal your woman’s heart away. This bouquet is skillfully arranged with grace in order delight her to the core of her heart. She would not only smile but would also blush at the same time when she’d receive them.

#2 Message in a bottle

Best Valentine's Week Gift Ideas for Her (Propose Day Ideas)

Excellent gift for propose day. This is a unique gift that your woman would fall for. It is an age-old way of sending important messages used by oceanographers and has got an old time charm in it. Your personalized message would be customized and inside the drift bottle in a role and would be enough to leave your girl awestruck and it would be something that she would remember all through her life.


Chocolate Day Gift ideas

What can be more heavenly than a chocolate hamper in shape of a moon? What better can it be if chocolates are the crunchy Ferrero Rocher?  This bunch is a perfect gift for your girl in case if she has a sweet tooth.  This arrangement looks so creative that it deserves an update on her social media.


Sometimes eyes miss out what a heart can see. Gift your girl this cute cuddling companion, with which she can pose, hug, cuddle, and kiss when you’re not around.  This teddy can symbolize your love silently towards her, It is a trendy and one of the all time favorite gifts for her this Valentine’s week.


This promise day, promise her that she’d be number 1 on your priority list and that you won’t upset her ever, by gifting a memory of both of you which is close to her heart. This personalized cushion can have your couple photograph printed on it so that she can always snuggle it whenever she misses you.

#6 Personalized Couple Mug

Whenever you’re happy or sad or excited, there’s one activity that makes it up for all and it’s called hug. No matter how much you fight with your partner. A hug can always resolve things if they aren’t going as you want them to go. So, this Hug day, give her a personalized mug which has a picture of the most romantic gesture you share with each other and get is print on it. This will definitely give her a good feeling.


The best gesture of showing your love to her without even saying a word is a kiss. It takes your relationship to another level of seriousness and intimacy. It would make her feel not only loved but also wanted by you.  This kiss day, gift her kiss on the moon stuffed toy with a kiss.

#8 Choco Orchid Delight

The perfect blend of chocolate and orchid shows your true and deep love and care towards her.  Orchids are widespread flowers that blossom and bring a smile to face of the person who receives them. These flowers have the most enriching fragrance and are enough to take anyone on a dream journey which is full of love. The combination of flowers with chocolates is the most favorite of girls and they love them.  Gift her Choco Orchid Delight to let her know her worth.

#9 Peora Valentine’s Gift Velvet Red Rose Ring Box

This particular present is perfect.It seems like a beautiful red rose at first. But, it’s a also an aesthetic ring box. It’s an exemplary gift for this Valentine’s Day. This surprise can come as the biggest shock yet the biggest happiness of her life. The rose to propose can be very touching for her. Gift her the Peora Valentine’s day Velvet Red Rose Ring Box and see her reaction. This gesture will definitely move her to tears.


A mobile phone is something that each one of us carries these days. Usually, people have one some have even two. A perfect picture of yours can be the best gift this Valentines. This photo can be printed on her mobile cover.It will be something, she’ll always carry with her.  This Valentine’s Day gift her a personalized mobile cover with a couple picture of yours that would definitely make her friends envious of her.