Top 5 Best Veet Hair Removal Products in India : Veet is a broadly respected brand which manufactures a variety of cosmetic depilatory products. Like hair removal creams, ready-to-use wax strips and so on. With inventive strategies and quality products, this brand has been leading the hair removal area for over 10 years now. This power brand of Reckitt Benckiser was launched in India in 2009. It was the brand Veet that introduced me to the world of hair removal products. In this post, I am going to offer a compilation of 5 of the best rated Veet products.

5 Best Veet Hair Removal Products in India

#1 Veet Hair Removal Cream with Silk & Fresh Technology:

Price: Rs. 110 for 50 gm

This particular variety is an enhanced version of Veet’s Hair Removal Cream range. It was launched in April 2016. The earlier collection had only three variants; the blue packaging one for sensitive skin. The pink packaging one for normal skin. And the green packaging one for dry skin. The Suprem’ Essence option was a separate collection in itself. In the latest collection, the formula has been upgraded using Silk & Fresh Technology and the last-mentioned variation is incorporated in the range. This range is believed to be the bestselling Veet hair removal product in India. So, there are four different variants of Veet hair-removal creams are there in this Silk & Fresh Technology series. They are:

I. Normal skin II. Sensitive skin III. Dry skin IV. Suprem’Essence

#2 Veet Sensitive Touch Electric Trimmer

Price: Rs. 2250 for 1 piece

This electric trimmer is a multitalented face and body hair trimmer. The trimmer looks very nice-looking and is quite efficient as well. This trimmer comes in a kit form where there is a total of 7 accessories and an additional alkaline battery. There is a two sided comb for eyebrow combing and a two-sided precision head for trimming tiny hair. These two are essentially eyebrow shaping and trimming accessories. There are two extra head attachments as well. One is a 20 mm trimming/shaping head. And the other is a comb add-on which together with the trimmer attachment makes sure gentle shaving.

#3 Veet Ready-to-Use Wax Strips Full Body Waxing Kit

Price: Rs. 170 for 20 Strips

This innovative ready-to-use waxing kit has entirely transformed my messy home-waxing experiences into a trouble-free, speedy and fuss-free process. With this Veet waxing kit, you will be able to pull out even 1.5 mm small hair. You will be able to continue to be clearly hair-free for about 4 weeks after one application. This is the most excellent Veet hair removal product if you love long terms solutions for body hair removal.

In this kit, you will find 10 pairs of wax-covered strips. The 20 strips are sufficient for one full body wax session. One strip can be reused for 4-5 times. You have to rub a pair of strips in among both the palms until it warms up a bit. Then you can simply open the pair. A few sachets of post waxing wipes are also included in this kit. These oil-saturated wipes help to get clear of any residue of wax after application. Like the hair removal cream by Veet, these cold wax strips also comes in 3 variants. Which are specially made for 3 types of skin. The variants are,

I. Sensitive skin: This blue packaged variant is enhanced with almond oil and Vitamin E.

II. Normal skin: This kit is pink colored and has Shea Butter and Berries.

III. Dry skin: This green packaged kit is improved with Aloe Vera and Lotus Flower fragrance.

#4 Veet Hair Removal Cream – Brightening

Price: Rs. 110 for 60 gm

This Brightening variety from Veet is packaging wise very similar to the Silk & Fresh Technology range but this one promises to give brightness to your dull skin and not darken it as oppose to the popular myth that hair removal creams cast a shadow to your skin. The packaging mentions a Skin-o-meter that depicts how the skin will appear post-application. This collection introduces Microbeads into the hair removal scenario to offer smoothness into the skin. This is offered in two variants; one is for sensitive skin and the other is for normal-to-dry skin. The finest Veet hair removal product available in Indian market is for sensitive skin.

#5 Veet Hair Removal Cream – Naturals

Price: Rs. 110 for 60 gm

As per the corporation, the series of Veet is designed with ‘a touch of nature’ which the name suggests. Along with normal depilation, it commits to disclose clear and glowing skin. The skin lying beneath skin’s outer dull and dead layer within 3-6 minutes. This dermatologist tested formula contains 100% natural extracts. Like most other Veet collections this variety also has numerous variants. They are,

i> With Papaya Extracts: 

This one is for normal-to-dry skin. The main ingredient of this hair removal cream, Papaya, is rich in antioxidants. And nutritive compounds such as Carotenes, Vitamin C, Flavonoids, Vitamin B, Folate, Papain etc. They assist to clear up the complexion and moisturize the skin.

ii> With Camellia Seed Oil:     

This alternative is for sensitive skin. Camellia seed oil extract has proteins, Vitamin E, and fatty acid. These hydrates the skin and smoothes out uneven and dried out skin.

These were the most excellent and most popular Veet hair removal products from Veet. Ever since the arrival, this brand had won loads of hearts including mine. This brand has provided economical yet good-quality hair removal products.