Top 25 Best Seasonal Wedding Décor Ideas

Seasonal Winter Wedding Décor Ideas

Seasonal Winter Wedding Décor Idea

Its winter season and you are pondering on how to make your wedding an extravagant event that would catch the eye of every guest. Well, we are here to help you give some winter décor ideas to make you wedding the talk of the town. So with any delay let’s look into the top 25 seasonal winter wedding décor ideas :

Top 25 Best Seasonal Wedding Décor Ideas

#1 Chromatic Blue Theme

Seasonal Winter Wedding Décor Ideas

If you want an ambience appealing and at the same time soothing to the season outside, then chromatic blue theme would be a nice choice. Not only does the blue color signifies the union of souls but it also signifies harmony making it a perfect recipe for a really great ambience to have in your wedding decor.

#2 The “foggy” effect:

Seasonal Winter Wedding Décor Ideas

Want to give you wedding a heavenly touch? All you need is some dry ice to provide that extra heavenly touch to your wedding. Make her feel like an angel walking through the heaven gates to bless you with her presence throughout your life.

#3 Golden Touch

Golden lightings along with golden walls would surely make the guest feel the warmth as they enter the wedding ceremony. But most importantly it will give that vintage and royal effect to the wedding. Double up the effect with some gold color plated dining plates and some glasses.

#4 Outdoor

Seasonal Winter Wedding Décor Ideas

If there is hardly any snowfalls in the country where you live, then take your wedding to a whole new level by celebrating it outdoor. An archway made up of flowers would make the guest go “wow” over your concept.

#5 Traditional Indian stage

Winter Wedding Décor Ideas

The Indian weddings are perfect examples regarding how to use all the colors to full effect. The predominant color is red along with pink and orange. A raised platform/stage for the bride and groom so that each one of the guests can gaze at both of them. Decorate the stage with some lovely seasonal flower to make it more attractive.

#6 Horse Carriage

Seasonal Winter Wedding Décor Ideas

Why not give the guest a moment to feel special? Book a horse carriage for a day to receive the guests. You will be the talk of the town for days beyond the wedding.

#7 Cozy Rosy and The Orchid Way

The red rose is a symbol of love and it a whole new dimension when used with orchids to make the decoration of walls. Use the rose petals to decorate the path of the bridegroom and orchids for the decoration purpose.

#8 Make the Walls Talk


Let the walls do their talking by decorating them with some seasonal flowers just like the tulips, amaryllis, bells of Ireland, narcissus. Not only they will the make your walls look attractive but they will also preach love loud.

#9 White Pendants and Blue Pendant Lights

Seasonal Winter Wedding Décor Ideas

Pendant lights are mostly used in weddings to give that classy aristocratic look. Alternate blue and white pendants hanging from the ceiling would be a nice option for a winter wedding.

#10 Fire it up

Pretty rough winter? No problem. Make fire camps like seating arrangements and give your guest a nice warmth of the moment. Laden the entrance with fairly glow jars and see the magic.

#11 Snow and Glass Combo

Seasonal Winter Wedding Décor Ideas

Too much snow outside? Use the snow to your advantage to decorate your wedding hall. Use glass-made items wherever necessary. Not only will it create a chilling sensation but also a lovely, adorable effect on the onlookers. Make some snow artefacts out of snow and keep them for display.

#12 Earthen Lamps

The use of earthen lamps is very dominant in Indian style of wedding. It lightens up the whole room and leaves a charming effect for the viewers. Make some design with the earthen lamps and you are good to go. Just keep an eye to refill them!

#13 Carpets

Seasonal Winter Wedding Décor Ideas

Seen a lot of Oscars or Grammys? Well, your wedding might be the perfect opportunity for living a day like a superstar. Lay down the red carpet filled with flowers for setting up a grand entrance for your guests as well as you.

#14 Bring Back the Memories

Love marriage? Give the guest a tour of your memories by hanging all your important photos on the walls. From your proposal to your first date, a nostalgic tour will give them a thorough understanding of the bond between both of you.

#15 A Wedding On an Island

Need a peace and calm place? Book a resort on an island and celebrate your wedding with all your close friends and relatives.

#16 A Tree House Wedding

It looks quite odd for a wedding to take place in a tree house but the vintage effect it brings on with it is mesmerising. An artificial tree house made of logs laden with lightings will be a perfect fit for a memorable wedding.

#17 Thrill Your Spouse

Ever thought of wedding at a height of 300ft above the ground? A private jet is all you need.

#18 Rangoli

Couldn’t think of any seasonal flowers? Here’s an alternative to the whole concept of flowers. Make some good designs on the floor with some colourful powders. This would be cost effective but need a lot of skilled persons to do it.

#19 Stairs to Heaven

Why not think of some artificial stairs through which you bride will make a grand entrance. Make her cynosure of the wedding by casting the lights on her as she makes her way down the stairs.

#20 Igloo

An igloo shaped wedding hall would suit the season perfectly. Decorate the interiors with hanging pendants and a raised platform for the bride and groom in the middle.

#21 Beach Sand

Go against the adage that beaches look good in summers.make a stage, laden it with the seasonal flowers and an olive crown for your bride should make it special for both of you.

#22 A Ship

Need the “Titanic” feeling? Book a ship and relive the romantic titanic moments along with a grand wedding. Decorate the whole ship with lights.

#23 Cakes on Display

Display the cake made for your bride that would be cut after your wedding. This would be highly appreciable if you could innovate some new ideas of displaying the cake like a two-storey cake or a three storey cake bearing the name of both of you.

#24 Lighting effect

If you are running short of ideas of making your winter wedding a grand success then use the simple lightings to your advantage by having it play with the mood of the wedding proceedings like a dim light for the couple dance, a spotlight for both of you together.

#25 Go all White

If you really want the presence of winter to be felt. Keep everything in the room in snow white form and then embrace it with some rose petals on the ground and flowers bouquets on the walls.