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Today we are talking about eyeliners which play a significant role in creating different eye looks. Many girls can’t begin their day without applying it. The texture of eyeliner can have a profound impact on your overall appearance. Adding up to the texture, the other thing that throws in to the lining is the tip of the eyeliner brush. Recently, I have started using this liquid eyeliner from “Sugar: Eye Told You So Waterproof Eyeliner”. Read more to know my experience with this product.



The eyeliner comes in a smooth cardboard case, which is very sleek and trouble-free to carry. Within the cardboard case, there is a black pen like product that puts up with the name of the manufacturer and the eyeliner shade in a pure white color.



It is liquid eyeliner collected in lower half of the structure, and protected from dripping or leakage with a tight-screw cap that is about two times the height of the lower half. The upper half holds the tip that is similar to a felt tip liner but a lot sleeker than that. The tip may appear hard but it is very flexible and mild on the eyes. It does not poke the eyes while you are getting that winged eye look.



It is a jet black eyeliner with a clean matte finish. You won’t observe any luster or sheen unlike the other matte eyeliners. The application is very effortless; in just a single swipe it gives an even black lining. I swipe it multiple times only if I am going for a bold look. The impeccable control on the tip assists in building a spotless wing or any intricate look for that matter.

Final Word


‘Sugar Eye Told You So Waterproof Eyeliner’ is an easy to apply eyeliner that offers a pure matte finish. It dries up speedily, does not smudge when rub it lightly but fades a little when rubbed harshly; and can construct various looks. Overall, it is a good product if you need a fine liquid eyeliner.

Planned to dry up quickly, this eyeliner can gratify varied looks. It is a smudge proof eyeliner but does not have an admirable staying power. On my oily lids, it stays on for 7 hours and then starts fading a little. But taking into consideration the optimistic side of this con, it is super easy to take out. It claims to be water-resistant still it can be simply removed while cleansing face- with no use of a makeup remover.

What I like about ‘Sugar Eye Told You So Waterproof Eyeliner Black Swan’

– Elongated brush controller that makes the application handy.
– Jet black color.
– It forms an immaculate pointed wing.
– Gives a matte finish.
– Simple to remove.
– The tip of the liner seems hard but feels flexible on the eyelids.
– Tip of the eyeliner guarantees a good hold/grip while lining the eyes.
– It can smoothly construct thin and bold looks.

What I do not like about ‘Sugar Eye Told You So Waterproof Eyeliner Black Swan’

– Staying power is not that great, starts fading in 6-7hours.
– It is not easily accessible.

Price of ‘Sugar Eye Told You So Waterproof Eyeliner Black Swan’: INR 699

My Fashion Hub Rating: 4/5