What it is:

A hydrating lipstick that builds up full lips with deep color.

What it does:


This latest hydrating formula offers enhanced coverage and is rich with pigment. The soft texture gently glazes your lips, passing on just the correct amount of color and luster.

How to Use:

  1. Begin by matching your Sephora Rouge Cream Lipstick to a Nano Lip Liner.
  2. Outline the border of your lips with the preferred Nano Lip Liner.
  3. Apply Sephora Rouge Cream Lipstick directly over it.
  4. Start in the center of the lips and evening out to the corners of the lips.

For longer lasting lipstick:

1 Apply your normal face powder with a puff to your lips and then apply your Sephora Rouge lipstick.
2.  Apply a lip liner to the internal and external contours of your lips, and then apply your Sephora Rouge lipstick.



Black Currant Seed Oil (Omega 3 and 6): Known for its protecting properties.
-Olive Oil: Known for its hydrating, nutritious, shining properties.
-Tocopheryl Acetate (Vitamin E derivative): A recognized antioxidant.

My experience with Sephora Rouge  R 08 Lip Color:

base of the lipstick
The packaging of these lipsticks is very elegant- an all black lipstick with the shade exposed at the bottom.

The formula of this lipstick is very soft and hydrating that I cannot just stop raving about it. It formulates the application on the lips very easy. I love that it has an outstanding color payoff. It doesn’t bleed and stays put for up to 4-5 hours. It gives a glossy and an even look to the lips. This lipstick is a fortunate thing for smooth and pigmented lips as the color is astonishing. The consistency is smooth and effortless to swipe on the lips. It is neither heavily smooth nor extremely dry. If you level it up, it tends to become a bit irregular. Also as I have dried up lips, I have to exfoliate them prior to using this lipstick. However I think the shape of the cartridge is very considerate and suitable to line and fill up the lips but still it is best applied with a lip brush or you might just apply in one swipe. You may also top it with a nude shade or a radiant lip gloss. I draw on in this manner most of the time and it looks dazzling.


Staying power is quite fine; say 4-5 hours with small meals. It does not live on full meals. There is no offending odor linked with this one.

Generally, it is a well-brought-up lip color, pleasant shade for summers and looks excellent when applied alone with lip brush or when blended with a lip gloss.


What I like about Sephora Rouge R 08 Lip Color:

  • Sophisticated packaging
  • Attractive pink shade that could be very pleasing.
  • Shape of the bullet is considerate and superior to the standard one.
  • Soft to apply.
  • Good staying power.
  • No upsetting scent.

What I do not like about Sephora Rouge R 08 Lip Color:

  • Gets irregular on dehydrated lips if coated on.
  • Shade is not unanimously satisfying and will not go well with all skin tones.

Price: INR 1110

My Fashion Hub Rating: 3/5