The typical cat eye has been trending for decades and we all know it’s not going anywhere with icons like Marilyn Monroe to Amy Winehouse taking it on as their signature look, It will always be eternal. And although we adore an effortless, uncomplicated flick, there are countless ways to upbeat the drama aspect and take your basic eyeliner wing to new heights so why not have some fun and switch things up a tad and give a contemporary feel to it?

To give you some motivation, we extended our creative strength and came up with five bold and beautiful versions of the cat-eye makeup using pigmented, long-lasting gel eyeliner that dries to a nudge- proof matte finish. If you’re longing to break out of your liner rut, give these daring looks an attempt.  At first glimpse, it may look tricky, but as soon as you try it, you’ll become obsessed with it. I simply love it and can’t go out without cat eyes!

Following, the basic cat-eye gets some huge makeovers destined to motivate you to take your liner to new levels.

The Double Wing

This look is conspicuous in a delicate way, and it’s astoundingly easy to pull off. First, use an eyeliner brush, to apply basic winged eyeliner to your upper eyelid. After that, draw a thinner, slighter wing on your lower lash line. It should pull out straight from the midpoint of your lower lashes. Use a pointed cotton swab dipped into makeup remover to clean up any rough and uneven edges (a handy trick that you can try with any of given looks).

The Cleopatra

This statement look, is in honor to Elizabeth Taylor in Cleopatra, carries all the interest straight to your eyes. Begin by tight lining your upper and lower eyelids, and then apply eyeliner to your upper and lower lash lines. Join the upper and lower eyeliner with a wing that expands from the outer curve of your eye. It should approach towards the end of your eyebrow. Using a fine -tipped eyeliner brush, outline along the inner corner of your eye to conclude with a spiky tip.

The Chubby Cat

Inspired by ‘60s starlets, this retro look is a much thicker version of your original cat eye. We find it easiest to create by drawing the outline of your wing and then broadening the line along your crease to the inner corner of your eye. Using small strokes fill up the blank space inside your outline with eyeliner. For further drama, tight line your upper eyelid before you start on.


Go big or go home, Yes you heard that right. It’s time to go bold. The punk chick in you would absolutely want to try this look. Color your complete eyelid with a big winged tip ending on the outside. This eye makeup look is ideal for going out with your girlfriends or anytime you desire a really bold, daring and courageous look that’ll turn all heads making you the eye-striking diva that evening!

Slice of Color

Get a hold of some color on your eyelids with adding together pops of yellow, orange, light green or light blue. Above the line of your standard cat eye, put in a pop cooler in the identical style as the typical stroke. For a fresh and super- edgy look take on this style and try a stroke that seems to go exactly through your eye. To get a little more heroic, take it a step further and use an intense color like Aqua color, turquoise or even shades of orange and yellow.It may seem like a lot of labor, but it’s easier than lining your entire lid.

So ditch the same old single winged cat eye look for these five astonishing new ways to try out with your looks this festive season.

Have Fun!!