Author: Sunali Panda

15 Best Wedding Hairstyles for Bride / Guests (Short, Long, Medium Hair)

15 Best Wedding Hairstyles for Bride / Guests Best Wedding Hairstyles for Bride / Guests : According to studies, June and September are the peak wedding months and this period is known as the “Wedding Season”. But with 7 billion people on the face of this Earth, there are over a 100 weddings everyday and hence we can conclude that every season is in fact Wedding Season. Weddings and the ceremonies they involve are a celebration of lifetime relationships and joy, but in today’s fashion fast world, they involve mostly high expenses and a whole lot of stress. To...

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10 Best Valentine’s Day Gifts Ideas for Husband / Boyfriend

Best Valentine’s Day Gifts Ideas for Husband : To most of us, the 14th of February is simply a day to celebrate love and relationships. But, the origin of this day lies in the ancient Roman festival of Lupercalia, commemorated on the 15th of February in a celebration of fertility. Pope Gelasius transformed this pagan festival into a Christian feast day, declaring February 14th to be St. Valentine’s Day. It is a preconceived notion that gift giving is quite challenging when it comes to men. Husbands or boyfriends cannot be classified as simply “male”, we must take into consideration different...

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10 Beauty Benefits of Banana – Vitamins, Minerals

10 Beauty Benefits of Banana  : Banana, probably one of the most commonly found fruits all over the globe, is not only an extremely healthy part of a diet but also has tonnes of physical beauty benefits for both: the internal and external body. How many times have we heard more experienced people telling us, “Got a stomach ache? Eat a banana! Headache? Oh, you must have more bananas. Mosquito bites? Apply a banana peel on the inflammation that should help!” Whatever seems to be the problem, the apparent solution and first resort is a banana. But, to your...

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