Author: Shushmita Mahendra

10 Best Valentine’s Week Gift Ideas for Her

Valentine’s week Gift Ideas for Her :  The next big thing which has excited couples all over the globe is the Valentine’s Day or the day of love. This day is celebrated by gifting our loved ones with best gifts possible paired with lots of love.  These days it’s not only the Valentine’s Day that’s celebrated but the entire week is celebrated namely valentine’s week. This week starts from 7th February and stretches till 14th February each year. There is a lot of craze about this week among youngsters.  From teenagers to office-goers, from college students to married couples,...

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Top 10 Best Medicines to Treat Pimples in India

Top 10 Best Medicines to Treat Pimples Best Medicines to Treat Pimples in India : Pimples are one of the worst things that can happen to your face. They generally show up when you have an important meeting, date, presentation or a social event lined up. People tend to notice you more when you have pimples. This nuisance is because of some internal and external factors. One of the most common factors is oily skin. It’s when the oil of your skin also known as sebum is produced excessively in your skin clogging its pores. Hormonal changes can be...

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