Author: Disha Setia

Top 5 Best Veet Hair Removal Products in India

Top 5 Best Veet Hair Removal Products in India : Veet is a broadly respected brand which manufactures a variety of cosmetic depilatory products. Like hair removal creams, ready-to-use wax strips and so on. With inventive strategies and quality products, this brand has been leading the hair removal area for over 10 years now. This power brand of Reckitt Benckiser was launched in India in 2009. It was the brand Veet that introduced me to the world of hair removal products. In this post, I am going to offer a compilation of 5 of the best rated Veet products. 5 Best Veet Hair Removal...

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Best Body Exfoliating Scrubs in India

Winters make your skin dehydrated and look crumbling. It’s time to bring the best out of your skin by scrubbing them on a daily basis. Though we never fail to remember to scrub our facial skin, we have a tendency of missing out scrubbing our body. Your body must also appear as young and radiant as your face does, therefore it is necessary to scrub your body as well. Scrubbing gives your body a smooth and polished look. It not only gives your body a fine exfoliation by getting rid of dead skin cells and blocked pores but also increases the...

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10 Best Lotus Herbals Products in India

10 Best Lotus Herbals Products in India Best Lotus Herbals Products : Lotus Herbals is India’s one of the most leading natural cosmetic brand which unites the intelligence of ancient Veda with 21st-century technology. This brand has one of the most appreciated skin care product series that go well with Indian lifestyle flawlessly. As the name hints it is chemical and a cruelty-free trade name, which enthusiastically utilizes Herbal ingredients into its products. Top 10 Best Lotus Herbals Products in India 1. Lotus Herbals Daily Multi – Function Sunblock with SPF70: This product is a bit Tinted, Preservative-free, and Oil...

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Tips to Dress Appropriately For Work

Whether you like it or not, the way you appear plays a great role in your achievement in the current workplace.The trouble with appearance is that it interprets to your performance.When you don’t squeeze in; you’re not as acknowledged and welcomed.And at some point of time, this could harm your odds of receiving a promotion or any other facility. In today’s workplace, where casual wear is becoming gradually more well-liked, it can be problematic to comprehend the rules of appearance.Underneath are some rules every professional must follow: Ensure your clothes fit It may sound obvious, but many get it...

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A Walk in the Mall

The casual wear has enlarged its attractiveness among the women in the clothing industry today. Comfortable casual clothing is considered staple garments in all women’s wardrobe as most of them are having a speedy paced and lively lifestyles in this 21st century. It is essential to wear clothes that give total comfort, relaxation feel, ease of movement and style when we are carrying out our everyday or weekend activities regardless either we are the homemakers or belong to the working group. After days of high-heeled stilettos, peep-toe pumps, snug suits, and cocktail dresses, kicking back in casual attire can...

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