Hey beauties, today I am here to share with you some tips and tricks that will help you achieve that flawless look without any trouble and will also save you time. This will help you in attaining those little details in your overall look that you have always wanted.

Let us all be frank, how many times have we woken up late for work or college and have only fifteen minutes to get ready? Or, tried on a latest make-up trend and failed miserably? If your reply to these questions is positive, then these beauty hacks, tips and tricks is what you are looking for to make life trouble-free for you. Some of them are utterly preferred by me and a few I yet need to try. But trust me, these beauty hacks work magically and you must know each of them. Read further to find out!

Beauty Hack Number 1


Coconut oil can simply be replaced for your eye make-up remover. Not only it is tender for your skin as compared to other chemical induced make-up removers but it also hydrates and rejuvenates your skin and gives it a natural glow. Coconut oil counters the adverse effects of ageing and sagging of skin as it has antioxidant and anti- ageing properties. What more could you ask for?

Beauty Hack Number 2


Most of us make use of our wrists to pick up the right lip color. In its place, try using the padding of our fingertips, which has a comparatively similar color tone to that of our lips and permits you to judge against the color next to them! So, the next time you’re choosing a lip color don’t forget to make use of your fingertips to get the shade you have been craving for!

Beauty Hack Number 3


Lightly pat your scalp with a little bit of powder to get do away with those oily and greasy hair in no time! An effortless and quick way out that doesn’t need a dry shampoo or utilize of any other cosmetics. Now your hair will look fresh and full of volume whenever you need in just a couple of minutes. You can thank me later!

Beauty Hack Number 4


Almost everyone I am familiar with uses bobby pins the wrong way. By keeping the curved-surface facing downwards, you will have an improved hold of your hair and you will be capable to create knotty hairstyles with easiness! With this simple trick you will now be able to make the hairstyles without any trouble.

Beauty Hack Number 5


By not regularly cleaning and changing your pillowcase, you permit the bacteria and germs to transmit to your skin and create an infection. This could be one of the major sources of face spots and acne! So, make certain your pillowcases are dirt free and uncontaminated to trim down breakouts on your skin.

Beauty Hack Number 6


By applying castor oil onto your eyelashes and eyebrows you will nourish them and you will be able to have the benefit of longer lashes and thicker and deeper       eyebrows! If you are unable to come across castor oil, you can always use some coconut oil for unchanged results.

Beauty Hack Number 7


The ‘winged eyeliner’ look can be a little tricky to master, but this simple trick will assist you to attain the faultless wing in no time. Take some scotch tape or a spoon, and position it on the crevice of your eye. Make certain, it is inclined a little upwards to form the ‘winged’ look. Then, sketch out the area with your eyeliner and voila, you will have a faultless winged eyeliner!

Beauty Hack Number 8


Running out of time and your nail polish is still wet and can’t wait for it to air -dry? Don’t worry; all you need to do is immerse your fingers in cold water and it will set your nail paint right away. Quick and simple, isn’t?

Beauty Hack Number 9


Curling your hair can be a little tedious and lengthy process, and something most of us do pretty often. To make sure that your curls stay put for a longer period of time, grasp them once curled before letting them drop. This manner your curls won’t turn out to be loose loops by the end of the day!

So here were some of my favorite tips and tricks that will save you time and will help you to get all dolled up in a very trouble free way. Comment below you favorite one and let us know your beauty hacks 🙂 . Stay tuned for more.