Bangs caught on forehead, makeup mixing up with the oil and continuous re-touchups make life plainly a torture for beauty buff in the humid months. If you happen to have a super greasy skin like me, the hell goes on all through the various seasons. But thanks to the creation of some extraordinary beauty products specially designed for oily skin, I have now learned to take control of this tormenting condition. Be it providing an     extended staying power to your makeup or touching it up proficiently, here is a listing of a number of incredible products which must constantly be there in your beauty container.

Oil free moisturizer


One of the major false impressions which women with oily skin trust is that their skin does not require any moisturizer. They consider of moisturizer as one of their rivals. However keep in mind that flash on skin and hydrating it are two very different features. If you don’t hydrate your face suitably, your makeup is going to come out patchy. Your skin will also make more oil to balance it off. You just have to make sure that you use a moisturizer as per the need of your skin. Go for a moisturizer that is water-based as well as it is light-weight and gets absorbed in entirely.

Blotting sheets


How do you touch-up your makeup all through the day? By tapping on powder again and again on it too get rid of the excess oil? Well, I used to do exactly the same and my skin problems started with that and resulted into itchiness, pimples and Blackheads. I found my way out with the oil blotting sheets. Re-touching makeup by using just powder is not only insanitary but moreover doesn’t make any logic. You are constantly touching your face with a sponge that’s already overloaded with dirt and oil. As an alternative use oil blotting sheets to get rid of the additional shine from your face and give it a matte look.

Cheek stain


If you are tired of seeing your face powder blushes fading away in just an hour or so, it’s time to switch them for cheek stains. A cheek stain is greatly pigmented and is also full of a very well-built formula which puts a stop of tripping even under hot and humid climate. You require just a small amount of it as it has an excellent amount of coverage. Benefit stains can be used equally on both, cheeks and lips. You can also coat them under your powder blush to use as cheek stain or layer them with your lip gloss to use it as a lip stain. BECCA beach tints are even water-resistant which is a blessing for the ladies with oily skin.

BB Cream


In the wintry months, you can afford to take in a full coverage foundation in your every day beauty routine. But the same product can spell a curse for you in the warm and humid months. Go for a base with a light-weight consistency like a BB cream which also provides fine coverage. BB creams are enhanced with good quality ingredients so as to not spoil your skin and help it seem presentable. They also have other benefits like sun protection which not only gives you an even tone skin but also protects your skin from sunrays and the ultraviolet rays and you need not put on a sunscreen separately. There is a massive range of BB creams from which you can take your decide on and buy at a very reasonable price. Buy a BB cream that is light in texture and will allow your skin to breath. Ponds BB cream is perfect for oily skinned women and offers an average coverage.

Setting spray


To make sure your makeup stays intact for a longer period of time and seal all of your hard work and effort that went into putting these numerous products on your face, having a setting spray is a must. A setting spray or a finishing spray is made-up to be applied from a distance to seize your makeup in position. An excellent setting spray will prevent your makeup from melting even in the most humid climates. It will also help liquefy the powder residues. Urban Decay all night setting spray and Make up For Ever mist & fix are very popular and will work wonders for your skin.

I hope you liked the post and now you can rock any look without worrying about your makeup every now and then. It’s time to Give your beauty bag an upgrade and never suffer again! Comment below your favorite product and stay tuned for more.