Best Valentine’s Day Gifts Ideas for Husband : To most of us, the 14th of February is simply a day to celebrate love and relationships. But, the origin of this day lies in the ancient Roman festival of Lupercalia, commemorated on the 15th of February in a celebration of fertility. Pope Gelasius transformed this pagan festival into a Christian feast day, declaring February 14th to be St. Valentine’s Day.

Best Valentine's Day Gifts Ideas for Husband / Boyfriend

Best Valentine’s Day Gifts Ideas for Husband / Boyfriend

It is a preconceived notion that gift giving is quite challenging when it comes to men. Husbands or boyfriends cannot be classified as simply “male”, we must take into consideration different personalities, age groups, professions and not to mention our budgets. We are here to wipe out that notion of difficulty and make gift giving this V-Day a breeze as compared to your prior struggles! Here we had shared best 10 Valentine’s Day Gifts Ideas for Husband / Boyfriend.

Here are 5 categories of different personalities and 2 price options each for you to decide what to gift your partner this February .

Top 10 Best Valentine’s Day Gifts Ideas for Husband / Boyfriend

1. The Foodie

This is the kind of partner who loves everything edible and would swoon over some handmade or gourmet delicacies with just a sniff of food fragrance

A. Home Baked Cake

This gift option, although a little tedious if you lack experience in the kitchen, could be a real lip smacker if you manage to follow the baking steps to the T. You can visit any of these websites for delicious recipes that can be made with basic ingredients you are most likely to have in your kitchen –

  1. AllRecipes
  2. WomansDay

B. Gourmet Food Cook Book

What could be better than a gift that allows someone to follow their own interest and passions? A cookbook is the perfect key to channeling your loved one’s interests towards cooking to produce something fruitful. And if this isn’t incentive enough. the gift will ultimately benefit you as the mouth watering dishes and jaw dropping desserts that he makes from the recipes, will be first given to you to taste!

2. The One with the Travel Bug

If your husband craves the wanderlust and loves to travel and see new places, the following 2 gifts will be ideal for him to enjoy his adventures even more .

A. A Travel Diary

A travel diary is easily available at any stationery store and can be found in a variety of different formats and patterns. A diary like this could also be customized to suit his kind of vacations or trips and could also include photographs and memories of the places that you both have traveled to, together.

Best Valentine's Day Gifts Ideas for Husband / Boyfriend

B. A Multipurpose Swiss Knife

This is also called a pen knife and is perfect for trekkers. It is easily portable and makes travel much easier. It is usually inbuilt with all sorts of cutters and tools and is an extremely useful gift for your husband infected by the travel bug! They come in different shapes, sizes and prices and you can easily purchase one online on Amazon.

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Best Valentine's Day Gifts Ideas for Husband / Boyfriend

3. The Sports Fanatic

If your partner is a fitness freak or loves a certain sports team/club these are the gifts you must consider gifting him –

A. Custom Made Jersey

Be it cricket or football, a sports fan would kill for an original jersey of the team he supports. If you wish to personalize this jersey further you could always add his name or surname in place of the famous player! Jerseys like these are available in any sports shop or even online.

Best Valentine's Day Gifts Ideas for Husband / Boyfriend

B. A FitBit

A FitBit is nothing but a wrist band/watch that counts your steps and measures your sleep activity. These are available in different colours and brands and are essential if your partner enjoys working out and is conscious of his health. To add a touch of customization, you could always get his&her FitBits to match each other.

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4. The Business Buzzhead

More than a personality, this category is related to your husbands profession and passion. If he is the type who enjoys meetings and strategizing, these are the gifts for him –

A. A Tie and Cuff-links

A sharp suit or a blazer is something that every business man must own, and a tie and matching cuff-links are the ideal accessories to go with their attire. These are available in various different suit shops and can be used on plenty of occasions as well. You could never go wrong with this gift as it is a need for every man sometime or the other.You can buy from amazon too.

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Best Valentine's Day Gifts Ideas for Husband / Boyfriend

B. Personalized Pen

A pen is probably the most useful present for anybody. Be it a simple ball point, or a Parker fountain pen it’s utility is the same. Depending on your budget, you could buy a beautiful writing pen for your husband and get his name etched on the pen for an additional personal effect.

5. The Romantic One

If your partner loves handmade or special personal gifts, Valentine’s Day is the opportunity for you to gift him one of these –

A. A Couple’s Calendar

Since February is at the beginning of the year, it isn’t too late to gift someone a calendar. This couple’s calendar has different pictures of you and your husband for every one of the 12 months. Important dates in your relationship such as an anniversary or a special vacation are highlighted in the calendar. This way, neither of you will forget these dates and it also makes a great romantic gift!

B. His & Her Gifts

His&Her gifts are the most special ones as it has an attachment to both you and your husband. They come in the form of rings, t-shirts, wristwatches and even cell phone covers. These gifts can be made even more romantic by adding personal touches to these things, and your husband is sure to love them.
Best Valentine's Day Gifts Ideas for Husband / Boyfriend

The above gifts are sure to make your husband smile and utilize the present to the fullest. If you aren’t in a relationship, this Valentine’s Day treat yourself to any one of the gifts you would most enjoy!