10 Best Lotus Herbals Products in India

Best Lotus Herbals Products : Lotus Herbals is India’s one of the most leading natural cosmetic brand which unites the intelligence of ancient Veda with 21st-century technology. This brand has one of the most appreciated skin care product series that go well with Indian lifestyle flawlessly. As the name hints it is chemical and a cruelty-free trade name, which enthusiastically utilizes Herbal ingredients into its products.

Top 10 Best Lotus Herbals Products in India

1. Lotus Herbals Daily Multi – Function Sunblock with SPF70:

This product is a bit Tinted, Preservative-free, and Oil free with loaded with the goodness of Carrot and Avocado.It acts as a Moisturizer, Sun block, Makeup foundation given that it is tinted while also caring skin with UVA/B rays that cause untimely aging and skin darkening which causes uneven patches. The Tint has a yellow undertone which yet again is the bonus point for Indian skin tones. This is why this product has made it into the list as the top lotus skin care product!.It is the one of the Best Lotus Herbals Products in India.

Price: 495 INR

2. Lotus Herbals Tea Tree Clarifying Face Pack

Tea tree oil has a lot of benefits for our skin and this face pack includes tea tree oil in it; which makes it worth giving a shot. This face pack is helpful in preventing pimples, spots, marks and blemishes as it is a clarifying face pack. This face pack will go well with all skin types but is best suitable for oily and acne prone skin.

Price: 135 INR

3. Lotus Herbals Basil tone Toner

Basil tone Alcohol-free toner includes Basil and Cucumber as its active elements. Both of these ingredients work excellent for acne prone and oily skin by restoring your natural pH balance of oily or combination skin (a mix of two or more skin types). You can use it as your Facial Toner after deep cleansing and it takes away any residue and dirt while also tightening your skin pores.

Price: 195 INR for 100 ml

4. Lotus Herbals Kiwi and Grapes Revitalizing Skin Polisher

A Skin Polisher that rejuvenates your skin while scrubbing off all the dead cells and illuminating brighter and the sparkling new skin which was earlier hidden under all the grime. Kiwi and Grapes loaded with Vitamin A, C, E and little astringent qualities that tighten and tones up the skin.

Price: 245 INR for 100 grams.

5. Lotus Lip Therapy Lip Balm

A Multifunctional product that protects heals and hydrates Lips all at the same time. It comes in 6 different flavors like Vanilla, Velvety Rose, Cherry, Chocolate, Cocoa and Fresh mint. Out of these Cherry, Velvetty Rose and Chocolate are tinted, with ‘cherry’ being the maximum pigmented & tinted lip balm of all.

Price: 135 INR for 4 gram

6. Lotus herbal Cocoa-butter Moisturizing Lotion

Moisturizing your skin is a really significant element in your skin care routine and if you’re searching for a good moisturizing lotion, then you should try this lotion from lotus. It includes cocoa butter which has skin comforting properties and it leaves your skin silky-smooth and gives it a shine. It also contains rose water which is a good toner and as a result, it regulates pores. This lotion upholds your pH balance and it is available in two options for normal and dry skin.

Price: 195 INR

7. Lotus Herbals Skin Renewal Daily Moisturizing Cream

This moisturizing cream is an excellent option for those who are looking for a non-greasy and lightweight cream that does not clog pores. It is perfect for everyday use and in addition, it contains SPF 25 which is an additional advantage. It has plum and alpha hydroxyl fruit acids which leave your skin peaceful, moisturized and also works as a natural antioxidant.

Price: 365 INR

8. Lotus Herbal Sandalwood Sun Screen Lotion with Moisturizer

Sunscreen is truly very important to look after your skin from the damaging solar radiations. This is a really fine sunscreen lotion that encloses all natural ingredients in it like sandalwood extracts, sweet basil, aloe Vera, cuscus grass and honey. It can be used in place of moisturizer as well since it hydrates skin for long hours. It revitalizes your skin and gives a cooling sensation to it, in addition, it also moisturizes skin well.

Price: 195 INR

9. Lotus Herbals Almond Anti-Wrinkle Crème

If you are in your early 30’s and concerned about signs of aging then start using anti-wrinkle crèmes to hold up the aging process. This cream has an anti-wrinkle formula and it contains almond oil which has anti-wrinkle properties, in addition, it contains a lot of other herbal ingredients that are going to help your skin. You cannot stop yourself from aging and wrinkling but you can absolutely hold up the process and this crème is worth giving a try.

Price: 345 INR

10. Lotus Herbals Alpha moist Oil Free Moisturizer

This is an Oil-free Moisturizer that works the best for Oily and Combination skin. It results in giving you a rejuvenated skin and makes you look and feel younger. With the goodness of Grape Extract that acts as a natural astringent, it keeps your skin healthy and bright. Milk Enzyme revitalizes and nurtures while Aloe Vera acts as a comforting agent while moisturizing your skin.

Price: 195 INR for 80 ml & 295 INR for 170ml

Above is the complete list of Best Lotus Herbals Products Available in India. Enjoy and Make the comment if we had forgotten any product to include.